Non-Blötzmann Smileys

A table of Wordpress smileys and their corresponding bodily humours and chemical affinities, according to a Non-Blötzmann theory of temperaments.

Wordpress smileyHumourElement
:) :-) :smile: sanguine air
:( :-( :sad: melancholic earth
:x :-x :mad: choleric fire
:| :-| :neutral: phlegmatic water
;) ;-) :wink: oleaginous oil
:lol: jovial tin
:cry: lugubrious salt
:roll: acerbic distilled vinegar
:D :-D :grin: gaar gold
:? :-? :???: bewildered night
:o :-o :eek: fraught wax
:evil: blood
:twisted: vitriol
:oops: crumpled copper
8O 8-O :shock: shattered vitrum
:P :-P :razz: bomba tartar
:idea: day
8) 8-) :cool: The Prophet silver
:!: bewolfenbuddled arcenic
:?: mercurial quicksilver
:arrow: magnetic monkey-business iron
:mrgreen: Severinal mystique antimony

To replace those leering, winking Smileys with eternal, dignified Elemental Signs, overwrite your existing Wordpress smiley directory with the contents of one of these files: or non-blotzmann-smileys.tar.gz (Note that this will replace all smileys in all comments.)

Chemical symbols © 2008 Glyn Webster, but may be freely reproduced for any irresponsible purpose.